About Us Yadadri Goud Trust

Yadadri Goud Trust Formed in the Year 2015 , by the Goud Community People for the development of  Goud Committee the entire state of Telangana, It has taken a task for the development of all categories of people in the Goud Caste. It is well known & well establish fact that caste in playing a vital role in the present social system. In Telangana States all the 10 Districts the goud caste is prominently present. Goud people traditionally depend upon tapping of trees and their livelihood is on the Taddy Trade at present.

The goud caste people are separated different in fields & holding a good position in the present social system. Our  goud caste people serving their services for the promotion of national development in all fields particularly education, employment, empowerment political & sociological charges.

People keeping all the above aims & objectives our goud center people decided to have a charitable trust at Yadadri (Yadagirigutta) Nalgonda dist purchased land and trees for the development of building structures.

After the formation of the Telangana State now the temple town gained international recognisation. To achieve the standards of the same our trust founders welcome all the goud committee people the state of Telangana their services and financial assistance and co-operation for the better & prospectus construction in Yadadri in the land where we purchased,

        Some of our goud elders contributed donations fo our organization, our trust always faithfull & thankfull